Birthday in the bunker

Birthday in the bunker

Host the coolest birthday party for your whole class in the Ejby Bunker!

A birthday party in the Ejby Bunker lasts three hours with up to 28 children ages 10-13 and up to five accompanying adults. The event takes places outside of normal opening hours so you will have the bunker for yourselves – apart from our communication assistant that will help you get started.

At the party you can compete in catching the Cold War spy in our location-based mobile game or have a treasure hunt through the labyrinthine corridor of the bunkers. Along the way, we will break for lunch in the mess hall at which point you can have a birthday cake, if you brought one, and sing Happy Birthday. (In cooperation with the parents or other organising adults, the event can be adapted to the age of the guests.) Price: 850KR + entrance fee for the Ejby Bunker (40KR pr. child age 4-15).

If you have questions or would like to hear more about the options for hosting a birthday in the Ejby Bunker, please send an email to