Vestvolden’s History

The West Rampart was built during the years 1888-1892 as part of Copenhagen’s Fortifications. It was one the largest construction projects in Danish history — and became the most controversial because the decision to build it was forced though by the conservative minority government with the support of the king against the will of the liberal majority of the Danish parliament of the time.

When the First World War broke out in 1914 a neutrality guard of 50,000 was called up to man Copenhagens Fortifications. Through four long years the soldiers stationed on the fortifications waited for a war that luckily never reached Denmark.

After the war, it was the end. In 1920 the West Rampart was discontinued as fortification. The West Rampart was instead used to store ammunition and so most of it continued as military area off limits to civilians until the 1960’s. The last parts of the West Rampart around the Ejby Bunker were finally vacated by the Danish Defence in 2004.