The West Rampart Experience Center is managed through a close cooperation between the department of Culture and Leisure of Rødovre Municipality and Jobcenter Rødovre’s department on the West Rampart. We are simultaneously an institution for dissemination of cultural history as well as an employment project communicating the history of the West Rampart.

Together we manage all exhibition and communication activities in the Ejby Bunker and Artillery Magazine and on the West Rampart between Jyllingevej and Roskildevej.

The activities in the Ejby Bunker are the result of collaboration between Realdania, Naturstyrelsen, Kulturstyrelsen and Rødovre Municipality regarding Project Copenhagen’s Fortications. You can find out more about Project Copenhagen’s Fortications on www.befaestningen.com. The Ejby Bunker is directed by a board with members from the Danish Nature Agency, Hovedstaden (er det Region Hovedstaden?) and Rødovre Municipality. The museum manager reports to the head of Culture and Leisure in Rødovre Municipality.

Among other things, unemployed and staff from Jobcenter Rødovre’s department on the West Rampart is doing landscaping, restauration of the historical buildings, workshop activities, communication of the history of the West Rampart as well as running the café in the Artillery Magazine.

We also work closely with the volunteers of the 1914 group of Dansk Militærhistorisk Selskab and the Copenhagen’s Fortifications School Service.

Our administration building and workshops are located at Ejbyvej 190B, 2610 Rødovre.


Museum manager Martin Jespersen, Culture and Leisure, martin@vestvolden.dk, mobile (+45) 30 76 98 30

Communication assistent Tina Thønnings, Culture and Leisure, tina@vestvolden.dk

Project leader Niels Eriksen, Jobcenter Rødovre, cn16767@rk.dk, mobile (+45) 22 55 82 56